Father’s Day

Sunday, June 16

Pie Sale

Please consider baking a pie or two for the annual pie sale held during the Mazomanie Garage Sale. We will be selling pies on the Friday of the sale. Please bring your pies wrapped in plastic on Friday, June 13, before 9:00 a.m. to the promenade in Mazomanie. Use disposable pie plates since whole pies are being sold and plates will not be returned.

If you are out visiting the garage sales in Mazomanie that Friday, stop by for a slice.

Street Repair on West Hudson Street

The village of Mazomanie informed Reverend Denise of the
upcoming street repair that affects the area in front of the church.
The plan is to enter the area via Elm Street and exit Scott
Terrace. The repairs begin April 1 and should continue through

Please watch for email updates or updates during the church